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Tokyo, keepin' it clean.

Most people glamorize Tokyo and make it out to be a wonderland of efficiency, safety, and cleanliness. I subscribe to those thoughts of glamorization, and those are definitely notable points why I live here, but I'm also keenly aware of the city's grime. I love its filth, but only when photography is concerned.

Shibuya, Tokyo - Jason Garcia Photography

I cruise the alleyways, finding interesting things that might tell a story in more ways than one. I'm a street photographer, but in ways that live outside the usual category; I'm much more apt to shoot statues, storefronts, trash, or other elements instead of people.

Depending who I'm with, my images of the day might shift to more human elements. And if I'm feeling up for a challenge, I'll drop particular friends a line, so I can get out and capture people on the street.

Street photography does not live in a vacuum, nor does it live in a single silo. It is always changing and evolving, and takes notes from each photographer, their style, scenery, gear, and more.

I have a number of cameras, but I find that my Leica Q (typ 116) is a favorite when I'm out shooting the dregs and dross. The lens is unmatched, the RAW color profile is good and I don't need to edit much. Teamed up with my favorite hand grip, it's a pleasure to shoot.

So if you find yourself in Tokyo and want a stroll, look me up. We'll get our grime on.


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