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Hello, I'm Jason Garcia

Thanks for visiting. Currently, I'm working on a number of creative and community-building projects, so stay tuned. And if you're wondering where you can see my work in person, be on the lookout for a show at Niwatori Coffee in Higashi Koenji in September. There will also be a number of other photographers showcasing their work.

After spending many years shooting digital imagery, I decided to shoot film again, which brought me back to my photography roots. I develop my film at home and scan the negatives in my studio as well. This journey revisited has made me realize why I became a photographer in the first place so many years ago. The grain, contrasts, subtle differences in film, and the tactile experience is incredibly gratifying. 

Also, I hold courses on how to help you capture better images. Feel free to message me about a photowalk where we can discuss the finer points of crafting a photo, not just as I would, but how you can make your own style and story. Get in touch!


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